BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment

BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment, LLC is an award winning and world renowned brand of vibration control products. BDR’s proprietary technology combines military spec, aerospace grade carbon fiber with state of the art compounds, creating products highly resistant to vibration and resonance. Offering exceptional isolation and extracting the maximum performance potential of any component, BDR products are built to the tightest manufacturing tolerances possible; every BDR product is hand inspected before leaving the factory to ensure it meets BDR’s exacting specifications. BDR products are a unique approach to vibration control with a truly flexible upgrade path: all BDR components can be used individually or combined with other BDR products for even greater performance.

If you think you heard it all let me assure you you are wrong as BDR does really work and there is lots of vary happy users All around the world.Not only that but companies like Marten and Audio Aero used BDR as the standard for theres products.