BDR LM Series Shelves

Inverse Curve:

The LM Series Shelves will bring your listening experience to another level, improving resolution, dimensionality and extension across the audio range. The LM Series Shelves incorporates shaped profiles, to maximize performance as well as aesthetics. While rectangular pieces are available on a custom basis, the best performance will be achieved using the curved pieces we have developed.
The Inverse Curve was originally developed to fit in a constrained space, such as the Zoethecus rack shown above.
The performance of the Inverse has proved to be superior to a rectangular shaped piece of the same dimensions.
The inverse curve is generally placed directly on the existing shelf material, perhaps with Discs, Pillows or other material underneath and building up with BDR products as desires. We have sizes available for many common component and speaker sizes. Minimum dimensions are shown below.
Custom designs may be available. Please contact us with your requirements.

8" x 8"
12" x 12"
15" x 12"
15" x 15"
18" x 14"
19" x 15"
21" x 15.75"


In contrast to the Inverse Curve, the Curve takes a defined space and essentially bends it outward. This allows the maximum material for use.The Curve can be used as described in the Inverse Curve section. The curve is generally placed directly on the existing shelf material, perhaps with Discs or Pillows. BDR products can be built up as desired.

5" x 4"
5" x 5"
8" x 8"
8.125" x 5"
12" x 5"
12" x 10"
15" x 12"
18" x 14"
19" x 15"
The LM Curved Series Shelves incorporates a shaped profile to maximize performance as well as aesthetics. The result is improved performance across the audio spectrum.

The Shelf:

The Shelf Series boards are all 3/4" thick and are effective under any number of types of components, speakers, power supplies, line conditioners, video and other electronic equipment. Custom shelves may be ordered, however we manufacture a variety of sizes to fit your application.

The Source:

The Source platform is the ultimate platform for source components such as transports or turntables and is also highly recommended for heavier components, working best with those over 20 lbs.

Made with BDR’s proprietary carbon fiber composite technology materials and clear coated on both sides for an elegant and understated appearance, the BDR Source is double the mass of the Stereophile Recommended BDR Shelf and is 1¼” thick, providing even greater isolation than the world renowned BDR Shelf. This higher mass and greater rigidity gives the BDR Source the ability to remove an additional layer of haze and distortion, revealing stunning improvements in pacing, detail and depth. Just like the BDR Shelf, BDR Cones are highly recommended for isolating the BDR Source board from the rack and also as an interface between the BDR Source and the component.
15" x 12" Wavelength
16”D Thor
19”D Thor
18”x14” Rega, Linn, Roksan, Win
19”x15” Oracle, WB, Well Tempered
19”x17” By International Demand
20”x16” Kuzma, Mitchell
21”x15.75” Zoethecus
21”x17” Sota, Voyd
21”x19” Target WI
23”x16” VPI Aries
24”x18” VPI, Basis, LAMM, BAT
26.5”x20” VPI HRX