BDR products available for demonstration available soon2013/08/29

  • MK3 Cones
  • MK4 Cones
  • LM Discs
  • LM Pillows
  • Mini-Pits
  • MK3 Pits
  • Jumbo Pits
  • Signature 15 x 12 Series Shelf

There will be also M6,M8,M10 reducers available to play with...

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BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment2013/07/25

We are happy to announce that The Musical Experience is the authorised distributer of BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment, LLC for the UK ( former Black Diamond Racing ). We would like to ask any interested parties to contact us…

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New web page2013/07/18

After two years, we decided to upgrade the site because the site no longer meets the requirements neither technical nor user experience.

We hope you will enjoy the new site. You can write to us your comments using our contact form.

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